This magnificent pink mansion, sits atop a hill on the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The villa is not well-known to tourists who meander through the French Riviera, but is a gem of the South of France. Sitting between Nice, France and Monaco, the location of the building is not necessarily easy to access. One will need to take the bus, an Uber, or simply walk some distance from the nearest train stop (located in Beaulieu-Sur-Mer).

What makes this villa so unique is the history it holds, history of wealthy French aristocrats. The woman who lived here, Beatrice de Rothschild, had initially bought the land and built this work of art in a five-year time span. One can collect a free audio guide at the front desk and make one’s way through the many rooms of the mansion. By meandering the decadent halls, one can learn about the fascinating woman who called this place home. Among the countless stories that make her life so captivating, are tales of her particular taste, as well as the many exotic animals she owned (including a pet monkey). She was known for collecting, art, antiques, china, and wigs! In modern day terms, she was a hoarder.

What is perhaps even more enchanting then the building itself, is the gardens that surround it. As seen from the second and third floor of the villa, the flower-filled gardens stretch out farther then the eye can see. There are nine gardens that make up the property, each with a different theme. All the floral and greenery is perfectly curated and well-maintained, with fragrant whiffs of roses and phlox. One can follow a coy fish-filled stream that leads from the villa all the way to a gazebo at the back of the property. Every 20 minutes, fountains shoot out streams of water, in tune to the classical music that commences through the speakers. This creates a majestic scene, as one may look from the water in the center of the garden, to the Mediterranean Sea that expanses on either side of the estate. On the West side, one can make their way down the cascading steps to find more foliage as well as marbled statues. Take it in, as this may be the closest one comes to a fairytale in all of the country.

Know Before You Go

Wear sunscreen and bring a pair of sunglasses, as you will be spending much of your experience outdoors.

You can take bus 81 from Palace Garbaldi, located in Nice, to the Villa entrance.