Have you ever thought about planning a girls trip, destination: Jamaica?

I did. I did, knowing next to nothing about traveling in this country. My girl friends and I decided we wanted the genuine Jamaican experience. That meant that we would not be staying at an all-inclusive resort, but renting a car and staying at two different Airbnb’s and going on adventures around the area.

We did a total of five days on this island and set up a loose itinerary. We managed to hit all the “must-sees” and have the best time doing it.

We spent all of our time on the North West part of the island, specifically Montego Bay & Negril.

I have highlighted the best parts of our trip below:

  1. Rafting Down Martha Brae River

This was by far my most enjoyable adventure had in Jamaica. In the depths of the Jamaican forest, you can find a beautiful river that snakes through the trees. The locals have stitched together bamboo rafts, made of all organic materials. We parked our car at the start of the river rafting, boarded our rafts and started the relaxed meandering down stream. We developed a playful banter with our guide and were taught some interesting facts about the country. One thing we learned is that even though Jamaica is associated with weed, the drug is actually recreationally illegal here. Another piece of info we learned is the country’s view on LGBTQ, and that is that it is generally not accepted and is frowned upon. This is definitely something to be wary about in terms of safety in this country.

  1. Floyd’s Pelican Bar 

Have you ever thought about taking a boat out to the middle of the ocean for a cool drink with friends? We hadn’t either, but once we found out it was an option, it was a no brainer. If you’re intrigued on what this bar is exactly, feel free to look up the name. This is a small bar located out at sea, that attracts thousands of visitors every year. You can order beer and cocktails, as well as a selection of food items. We spent the afternoon here, drinking and taking a dip in the shallow waters. We can recommend the fish, as Ohara and I each ordered this meal and it looked to have come straight out of the ocean. 

  1. Visit a Weed Farm

We kind of stumbled upon this experience, but so happy that we did. After driving south from Negril, we came to this blue hole as well as a big beautiful garden. If you’re interested in taking photos while in the country, this was the perfect spot. The locals were very friendly and showed us around. They showed us the green house which was filled with the plant that everyone enjoys the most here. The one guy rolled us a joint right then and there and taught us the proper way to smoke.

  1. Take a Boat out on the Luminous Lagoon

If you have never seen luminescent water, this will be a treat. A couple of the girls in my group had experienced this before, but took note that this spot was far better then what they’d seen before. At night, the water here glows a bright blue when interacted with. Basically, as long as you Crete motion in the water, you will see this glow. We opted for a boat with a glass bottom, so that we could see the bright light in the water as the boat took us out. Once we stopped, we all jumped in for the most beautiful night swim of our lives.

  1. Cliff Dive at Rick’s Cafe 

If you have any friends or relatives that have been to Jamaica, there is a good chance they made a visit to Rick’s Cafe. This is a very popular bar and cliff diving spot. The prices are bit high, but the vibes are immaculate and the sunset is unmatched. We ended up getting dinner, drinks, and then partying the night away with a group of European soccer boys.

  1. Catamaran Cruise 

If you like relaxing on a boat and letting the waves rock you as you enjoy a cocktail hour with friends, this might be the move for you. There are a couple companies that offer this experience. You have the option of swimming and even snorkelling as the boat glides along the cliff edges. Some tours offer a meal as well, but from what I’ve found, they aren’t the most vegetarian friendly.

  1. Sunbath at 7 Mile Beach

Another big spot for tourists, this beach boasts clean white sand as well as crystal blue water. We got the opportunity to see some wildlife making there way through the water, and a few white crabs inching along sideways in the sand. The beach is riddled with cute bars and restaurants and an endless number of venders selling handcrafted gifts. We spent a whole day sunbathing and reminiscing on the past couple days discovering this island.

  1. Grab a Bite to Eat at The Houseboat Grill

Kayla and I went to eat lunch here right after landing in Montego Bay. It really is a house on water. To get there, you must step onto a moving platform, where a man will pull on a rope that brings the platform over to the floating restaurant.

We had the most stunning view, overlooking the water, a sailboat floating nearby. The cocktails were just what we needed and the entrees did not disappoint.

Ill be honest, that Jamaica is not one of my top favorite islands in the Caribbean, but it was definitely an experience I will never forget. And I am so grateful to have had my three girlfriends there to enjoy the land of “good vibes” with me.