The Canary Islands are the secret islands of Europe. What is a secret to the American traveler, is an ideal vacation for the average European. Now I am letting this secret out and encouraging everyone reading, to experience the beauty that these islands hold.

So, you’re probably wondering what and where the Canary Islands are… This Spanish archipelago is made up of seven main islands that offer a beautiful vacation to thousands of travelers, both posh vacay-ers and budget adventurers alike, all year around. These volcanic land masses are located South of Spain and to the North of Morocco. Unlike many lovely, white beach, European travel destinations, these islands are relatively untouched by the American masses. You will find, upon visiting, that the American accent is nearly unheard of in this part of the world.

I, personally, am situated on the island of Fuerteventura. This name is stripped down to Fuerte (strong) Ventura (fortune). Many relate this meaning to the strong winds that the island is known for, making this island particularly appealing to those excelling in nautical sports. i.e. : surfing, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, sailing, jet skiing, etc.
For the past month, I have been working at a “surf hostel” (a job found through workaway that exchanges work for accomodation) in the town of Corralejo. I consider this area to be the nicest part of the island, filled with hundreds of outdoor activities, adorable locally-owned shops and boutiques, live-music, a variety of beaches, and friendly people. Fuerteventura, as an island, does host many visitors from all around the world, but is not as well known for tourists as say Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Corralejo more specifically has an even lesser touristy, resort, posh vacation vibe to it, making it the perfect vacation spot for the more relaxed, budget traveler (aka: me).

Here is the low down for the best parts of Corralejo and my personal suggestions:

Things to do:

  • Take a surf lesson
    • hike to the top of a volcano
    • horseback ride along the rocky terrain
    • learn to kite-surf
    • take a day trip to Lobos Island
    • spend a few days laying at the beach, soaking in the sun (take a good book/download a podcast) (swimsuits are optional ;))
    • check out the lagoons of nearby Cotillo
    • hitch hike (it’s the thing to do here)
    • rent a bike

• Citrus
• Nueve Cinco (2 for $5 Aperol Spritz?? Are you kidding?!)
• Sunset
• Beach Bars in general are just a good decision
• Baobab (the cutest little vegan shop)
• Food Corner (just go, honestly the best restaurant experience of my life)
• Kiwi
• Waikiki
• Canela (in nearby Lajares, going off every Wednesday night)

So there ya have it. Now I know the Canaries are not the most convenient set of Islands to get to, (you have to make a layover in Spain’s mainland) but the remote luxury and the opportunity to stay in this paradise at such a cheap price, makes it a rational option for any traveler/vacationer/honey-mooner.