The Hamptons is another world.

A world of the elite. A home away from home where millionaires and celebrities alike, sip on cocktails and discuss the latest fashion.

So, you may be thinking, what are you doing here?

Great question.

I work on a motor yacht out here.

I have been in the yachting industry for a few years now, and I couldn’t be happier that I chose this direction. Right out of college, I bought a one way ticket to Fort Lauderdale, took a few classes and had a medical visit. Bing bang boom, I started working on massive boats. And never looked back.

But back to the Hamptons… this is a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while now. And I finally have the chance to really explore this side of New York. And well, it is everything I would’ve imagined. You remember all those scenes from Gossip Girl, of the cast galavanting throughout the expanse of Long Island? It all adds up now.

And I hate to say it, but I love it here.

There is an endless expanse of country living. Greenery and pastures with grazing thoroughbreds. Wineries dot the landscape, with beautiful grapevines. And on nearly all sides, you can experience the magnificent beaches. With small white fences reaching out of the sand and disappearing back into the ground just a few feet farther down. On early mornings, the beaches are celebrated by happy dogs and their owners, basking in the sunrise. Whales can also be seen on occasion throwing themselves out of the waves only to submerge back under two seconds later.

Ugh, I’m getting carried away.

What could possibly be the drawback of living here?

The price, of course.

It costs a pretty penny to live here. I couldn’t even afford an Airbnb if I wanted to. But I sure am feeling lucky to be here now.

I do encourage anyone with the desire to visit, to take a day trip. Or even just stay at an Airbnb more inland Long Island where you will not need to drive too far to envelop yourself into the Hamptons.

I put together a list of favorites, if you do make it over this way:

The Best of the Best


Four Oak


The Coastal Grill ( live music on Fridays)


To go meals Grocery shop


Ice Cream


Vibey Parts:

Sag Harbor

South Hamptons