Where is it?

For anyone who hasn’t heard or seen the photos, let me introduce you to the most magical café in all of France. Luckily for all, this restaurant is located in a city that is a European hot spot. What is the name of this enchanted café? ‘Le Plongeoir’. This French name directly translates to ‘The Diving Board’. This is due to the fact that the eatery sits upon a rock, separate from the mainland, that also holds an old diving board (no longer in use).

The Experience.

Le Plongeoir provides the perfect setting to sit down, with company or without, and enjoy a delectable cappuccino and the iced chocolate truffle (you can also order a full course meal, if that better suits your fancy). Flip open the latest version of VOGUE, scroll through your favorite Nice Pinterest board, or take in the variety of accents around you. However, you decide to enjoy your time here, you will be well taken care of by the delightful staff running the place.

How to get there.

The café sits pretty right down the road from the Nice Vieux port. It is tucked just out of the way, to be hidden from any unknowing tourists. A simple way to remember how to find this spot is to follow the walking path East around the port and continue along the coast. You will eventually stumble upon this diamond in the rough.

The Menu

This is the perfect location to enjoy the native French cuisine. The menu hosts a delectable array of healthy choices at a reasonable price. There is a set lunch menu as well as a choice menu for dinner time. This restaurant caters to children, for those out there enjoying a family getaway.

Bon appetite!