Make money working for the richest people in the world

Filthy rich

Here’s how

What you need: 

  • STCW – a week long course (take the course that includes security awareness)
  • Medical – book it before you fly out. There’s little space and high demand 
  • Security awareness- if you aren’t going to take an STCW course that includes this, you’ll still need to take it 

Where to stay: 

Crew House!

But which one? 

  • Mary’s 
  • Cotton Crew
  • Smart Move 

(But really it all depends on who’s there with you) 

(Make friends = make connections)

How to get a job quickly:

Meet everyone, make connections 

Go out to parties and bars

Try dock walking

Create business cards

Hand them out to everyone

Leave them at marinas

Join Yachting Facebook Groups

  • Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew Jobs
  • Fort Lauderdale Yacht Crew
  • West Palm Yacht Crew
  • Antibes Yacht Crew

How to jack up your cv

  • Bartending experience 
  • Serving experience 
  • Housekeeping
  • Child care 
  • College degree
  • Any water or boating experience