How to join the Yachting Industry

Make money working for the richest people in the world Filthy rich Here’s how What you need:  STCW – a week long course (take the course that includes security awareness) Medical – book it before you fly out. There’s little space and high demand  Security awareness- if you aren’t going to take

Best Hikes in Oahu, HI

So you’re coming to visit the beautiful island of Oahu… Not only is it known for the big waves and and the crowded beaches. The popular island is also the prime location for the most stunning hikes. Grab your athletic gear, some good hiking boots, and a water bottle, and start your

Hello world!

Welcome to the life of us midwestern grown girls. We hope you enjoy following our journey, as we run around this big ol’ ball they call Earth.

The 3 AM City: An Ode to NYC

Walking back to my uncle’s apartment at three in the morning, after spending the night catching up with old friends, I was overcome with the excitement of the city. Every turn I made, every gum plastered sidewalk I meandered down, there was life. I passed alcohol infused couples kissing goodbyes atop doorsteps.

What to Pack for Hawaii

Wow, where to begin?! How do you pack for the most beautiful and tropical state in all the country?  Let me tell ya Odds are you are going to take loads of pictures. And if you’re not planning on it now, you should reconsider. These islands have the most insane “Jurassic” scenery