Aloha (a-lo-ha)


(let’s start with the basics)  It can also mean “bye” or “i love you” 

When you break down all parts of the word, aloha means “love is to be happy with”

Mahalo (mah-hah-loh)

“Thank you”

This word means thank you and is used commonly among the Islanders.

You can say Mahalo Nui Loa which translates to thank you from the heart.

‘O wai kou inoa (oh-why-ee-co-we-noah)

“What is your name?”

 This is an easy phrase you can use to impress the locals 

‘Olelo (oh-le-low)


Honu (hoe-new)


If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a couple of these out at sea

‘Ah (eye)


‘A’ole (ah’oh-leh)


Hele (he-le)




E ‘olelo (eh oh-le-low)


Mau Loa (mouwu-low-ah)


After experiencing Hawaii, these islands will forever have a place in your heart 

Haole (how-leh)

Caucasian or Foreigner

Native people may call you this name if you are tourist. Some will say it in an offensive manner.