So you’re coming to visit the beautiful island of Oahu…

Not only is it known for the big waves and and the crowded beaches. The popular island is also the prime location for the most stunning hikes. Grab your athletic gear, some good hiking boots, and a water bottle, and start your trek to the top. 

There are a number of quality trails around the isle, some crowded and others lesser travelled. Here are a list of the best options that you should consider:

Diamond Head 

This may be one of the best hikes for all ages and experience levels. It is an easy one and will be quite the story as it isn’t simply a mountain, but a volcanic crater. The trails up are easy to access as the location is right next to the popular city of Honolulu. Being only a mile long, this walk up is not a full day excursion, but a pleasant experience that you can check off as your daily workout. 

Though it isn’t hard to reach the top, the view is way too generous. If you only have time for one hike during your stay, I would suggest this one, as it is convenient, universally enjoyed by all, and offers a brilliant view of downtown Waikiki.

Stairway to Heaven 

The most well known hike in all of the islands, is known as the “Stairway to Heaven”. And wow, the pictures allow you to see exactly why. Unfortunately, pictures may just be the closest you come to this mountain view, as this trail has recently been deemed illegal. 

This is tragic, but may be a blessing in disguise as the stairway is very narrow and on many days experiences high winds that make the climb dangerous. 

I did want to mention this, so that those who have kept this in the back of their mind as an option are not disappointed, upon arrival. 

Crouching Lion 

Another popular “instagram famous” hike. This trail is considered slightly more difficult and can be semi steep. Despite the rep, it is only a mile and a half hike and shows of the land’s beloved beauty through every step. 

This is one hike where it is stressed that there is some rock climbing and the correct shoes are highly encouraged. Once you do stumble upon the top of the mountain, you will be granted a view of Kahana Bay. 

Be wary of not hiking soon after rain, for caution of how slippery it becomes. 

Lanikai Pillbox 

Like I’m sure you’ve seen on mountains many times before, there are small “pillbox” buildings. They are often decorated with spraypaint and are slowly eroding. This hike was given its name for the number of pillboxes that can be found on the hike up. Though you probably can not reach this hike by foot, it is just a hop,skip, and jump away from the city of Honolulu.

By choosing this hike, you are opting for a slightly less touristy trek then that of Diamond Head.  This hike does prove to be a tad bit more difficult, but may only take a little over an hour to complete. 

This proves to be another half-day trip. 

Koko Crater Railway

You’ll want to pack your camera for this one. By committing to this hike, you are setting yourself up for real workout. But a photogenic and unique experience to say the least. A train track will lead you up to the top of the mountain. I would definitely recommend that you read up on the history behind this abandoned railway. It will give you so much more to think about as you climb the wooden beams.

Note that this is considered a more difficult hike and has been encouraged to be taken on earlier or later in the day so as to beat the heat. 

Again, your sweat and tears will not be met in vain, as at the top you will be faced with a stunning view of beaches and ocean stretching out to the next island over.