Wow, where to begin?!

How do you pack for the most beautiful and tropical state in all the country? 

Let me tell ya

Odds are you are going to take loads of pictures. And if you’re not planning on it now, you should reconsider. These islands have the most insane “Jurassic” scenery and the surrounding ocean is just as mesmerizing. To have this as your backdrop is but a dream. 

You have to have some proof to show friends and family and shot glasses just won’t cut it.

The Hawaiian islands are HOT. 

Dress light. 

We’re talkin’ real light. Pack all of your bikinisswim suitscover ups, and flip flops. You will be spending an immense amount of time soaking in the sun at the many beaches. 

If you’re planning on getting to know the land, you’ll want to pack some hiking shoes, preferably water proof.

There are plenty of mountains and trails spread all over the eight islands. If you choose to opt out of hiking, I’d say you’re making a big mistake. 

The views are ten times more epic staring down from the mountains as they are looking up. 

Throw in a t-shirt and some athletic shorts; it will help when your sweating buckets on the uphill portion of your climb.

Bring some dresses. This is the best location to be looking pretty while you’re sipping a cocktail. Sundresses are easy to throw on and dresses up your look without really trying. 

Rain jackets! 

And don’t forget it. Little known fact about these islands, is that it rains in spirts through out the days. More then not, the rain doesn’t last long, but better to be prepared for it, then to be walking around like a wet dog. 

Hats and sunnies. Makes sense, right? Sunny place, protect the eyes from that uv.

After these simple essentials, it’s just important to be comfortable. Odds are, this is your vacation or honeymoon and you’re here for a fun relaxed few days/weeks. So keep it chilled. 

Short sleevejean skirt? Yes. 

Tank toplinen shorts? Definitely.

Crop topmidi skirt? A given!

Let your hair down, enjoy the ocean breeze, and let the island vibes rejuvenate you.